All this started when they tall us about a leadership program that was going to take place around Europe gathering different people from different Team Academies during 6 months and based in 4 different modules:

  • Leadership (Finland)
  • Customer, brands and Leadership (Hungary)
  • Creativity, Innovation and Leadership (Basque Country)
  • Coaching and Leadership (Finland)




All of us we have the same objetive in our mind: How to become a better leader?



When this session finished and we came back home, a question was all the time in our minds: Why is so easy to create “the magic” with people that I have never been before? Why are happening things sometimes easier than in our respective teams?

The common goal is the attachment point between all of us. Each one have an own personal challenge and that has been the main point. Some of us brought with us our own team leadership position (team, financial, communication), others a project leadership position and so on. But the base for all of us it has been the same: LEADERSHIP.



This base has been the point that has connected us to share our philosophies and know the other people´s one by sharing tools and theories that facilitated us to work in some topics that were positive for latter bringing them back to our teams. The best thing for us has been to work in small teams, all of them leaded by a captain. I think that this has helped us to see which different skills a leader can have depending on our personalities and the different results each team can achieve depending on that. We think that the leading way influenced a lot in the results each team was having during the presentations. In our opinion is positive to change this leadership positions because we have to say that you always get some skills from that leader, and the more different they are more we will learn.


We have to say that we started using some tools that we have learned in this first program making a big training session. The opening question was:  why would anyone want to be lead by me? This is a very interesting question because in our team and personally we have never asked to ourselves before, we always take care about us, about how to lead well, but we never think about what the others expect from me as a leader.

Then, after this complicated Check In, we divided the team in three different groups to follow the dynamic of the program, this also help us in the case of the communication, because the communication in an open dialogue didn’t work in Jump in!

So we divided the people in three groups and we assign three captains that normally aren´t leaders, to take the roll of it.

The fist activity that we made was to identify leader skills. We divided in three groups and we start working. After that all together we dialogue about the subject and the difference in an open dialogue was amazing.

The second activity that we made was the expectation triangle putting three different questions:

–       What do you hope to contribute as a leader to your team?

–       What do you expect from the members of your team to contribute you?

–       What do you expect from the coach to contribute to the team?

We where working in different teams and after that, we exposed all that we where talking to the rest of the team, using the birth giving, this activity was better than I hope because fist I was a little beat scared about it. But finally every teamsters and the coach too, were so happy with the result. We made different birth giving’s using different theories that where so funny. For example for our team we use the theory of leadership philosophy book.

So, in few words and drawings this has been our finish experience! 🙂


Matxalen Palacio and Miren Fernandez




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