It takes a team to make a dream!

Dear Mondragon Team Academy, as some of you know, we are right now meeting the communication leaders for the third time after LEINN explosion. As we use to do, we are getting a lot of crazy ideas but today, we will make them happen.


We are working in three main areas regarding to the communication:


    • Branding
    • Empowering the community
    • Team cooperative communication support


What we ask from you is to give us some ideas about some this three areas during the next hour (16:10). The chosen ideas will get a free t-shirts of “IT TAKES A TEAM TO MAKE A DREAM”.


Un pensamiento en “It takes a team to make a dream!

  1. GREAT IDEA ZORIONAK communication leaders 🙂
    Here some ideas:
    – cross fertilizing, cross fertilizing & cross fertilizing in different teams & campuses TS, projects, customer visits, DREAMS
    – being involve in our faculty informal & formal meetings & events cocreating with Amaia our @enpresagintza Communication leader & Asier our MTA one
    – monthly informal gathering: some sort of first Tuesday, last thursday, or so when you know that there is an informal open space meeting to gathere up with some beers. Each time might be a different bar hosting in different villages
    – monthly magazine project: where we share the hottest stories if the month. (ask TA finland how they do it)
    – Facebook group to post things (ask TA finland)
    – using essebanki platform (ask TA finland)
    – create a project team to petarla in May on next MTA birthday party IT WILL BE AWESOME
    – every team post a post on MTA blog once a week + makes on the blog the community & teams visible as the does
    – car sharing innivation meetings project: offer meeting innovators by joining a car drive with MTA Teampreneurs or opening your car to give a ride to MTA Teampreneurs innovation
    – shared trips among Teampreneurs to inspirational places + events (Eutokia, HUB madrdid, CIEM Zaragoza, TAEuskadi in Tecnalia, Citylab Cornella, HUB Gipuzkoa community meeting, Ashoka Changemakers event, COOPs meetings locally & internationally, @youngcooperatives project,…


    Did I win a tshirt???

    Keep on rocking



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