Hi everyone!!!

After some days out of work Jump In’s blog is alive again! Many things have happened since the last updating! New proyects are coming to our minds and some of them are already in process! Some weeks ago the evaluation day took place, where we made a self reflection as well as an evaluation to the rest of the team. This day, despite being quite long and heavy, has been really useful for the development of our team. Since then, everyone has received an extra motivation to work and to sweat the t shirt!

New changes also regarding the leaders!

In the one hand, Juan Zubiaurre has become the new customer leader! His ambition and facility to go out looking for new customers will make it easier for him to complete this new asignment.

In the other hand, Iñigo Arraiza has been named new internal communication leader. He is a great candidate to fullfil this job, since he is always looking for the best for the team. He will be the right hand of Jondi, the team leader.

Regarding the training sessions, they are becoming much more dynamic and less heavy and boring. This is really important because this is the place where every decision is made and it is the laboratory of ideas.

In this laboratory we had the purpose of having a proyect that concers the whole team. And suddenly a great opportunity came up. In 2013, Mondragon F.C. will celebrate its centenary and we have been given the responsibilty to organise it. Although it is taking place in two years, it is a big work so we have to start preparing everything a long time before. Besides, some of the events will be done this year and the next one. At the moment we are looking for a logo that represents the centenary.

So more or less this is the situation of Jump In. We are getting more and more experience and the team is working better now. However we need more compromise with the team in order to reach our objectives.

So to end up, here is a sentence I really like:

“Cuando en el mundo aparece un verdadero genio puede reconocérsele por este signo: todos los necios se conjuran contra él”.


Leinnovation soon…


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