This is not a difficult situation for JumpIN, this is just a challenge that will definitely make us stronger. Obviously, this situation will be solved sooner if we help eachother, because when we do this we help ourselves. Sometimes, there is this kind of negative feeling between people and we said things like “we are just really different”, but most of the times there are more similarities between people than differences and this is one thing to take into account when we need to solve a problem with someone or with a group of people. The clue, is to find the balance between people personalities so that the sharing and the discussion is clear and useful 4 everyone is participating in the meeting.

Everyone knows that we are just 13 penguins finding the way in the cold and confusing business area, but even if we are starting this is not an excuse. We deeply believe that we should take decisions. Have some action and learn from the mistakes we make.

But what happens if its hard to make a right and democratic decision because the team steers  do not share what we think about topics? We trust in people, we really think that everyone has an opinion and that its really important to share it with the team.By listening to others opinions we built a stronger one, so lets share it, think about it, and learn from others opinions to make strong and good decisions for JumpIN.

But why don’t we do it?

What is the real problem that is sucking everyone?

As someone said “Criticar todo sin hacer nada es muy fácil”. So lets focus on ourselves and not in what others should do or change.

But lets talk a lil bit bout the good things we have done out of the training sessions! Here are some pics of La Brasileña promotion in Jyvasjyla JTS city rail snowboard and ski jump competition.

“A team composed by different people that feel the freedom to share and combine their ideas is exactly what will make things happen.” (El efecto medici)






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